spring. 봄

I can’t believe it. I’m blogging again.

Sure, it took half a year and being bullied (lovingly) by my friends, but I finally got here!

To be honest, I am opinionated about many things. And I often feel the need to share these thoughts and hear what someone else has to say about them too. But if I were to rack my brain to figure out why I stopped writing at some point, it probably coincided with my first job.

That job required me to write a whole lot as I was in a publishing team covering stories on education research. And I hated churning out articles that ended up being scrutinised and edited to fit a certain voice. I hated writing with a threatening deadline. I hated feeling like I was inadequate and incapable of doing something I thought I was good at.

So I ended up hating writing (long-form content) and stopped altogether (yeah, I am nothing if not extreme). No more writing about my life, no more weekly American Idol recaps, no more fanfiction – instead, just condensing my thoughts in 280 characters on Twitter/Instagram, or occasionally sending out text essays to someone I was mad at. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But I left that job 5 years ago. And as more time filled in between, I started toying with the idea that maybe I should try again. One compelling reason for this happens to be why I had fun writing all those years ago – fandom, and my love for pop culture. As a veteran fan girl who first joined a My Chemical Romance forum in 2006, I have been in many other fandoms over the years, on forums, Livejournal, Tumblr and Twitter. I enjoy yelling about why I love something and meeting people who feel the same way. So I thought to myself – if there was anything that could get me to write 10,000-word soliloquies easily again, it would probably this (kidding, I don’t have it in me to write 10,000-word essays… unless it’s about Bangtan).

Maybe I’ll finally stop feeling like my writing is rambly and trite. Maybe I’ll stop feeling incompetent and find my voice. Truthfully right now, I don’t know how serious or silly it will be – but I hope you’ll have the patience to discover it together with me.

It’s Spring time (shh, I know we’re well into May lol).

It’s time for new beginnings. ( ̄ㅅ ̄)V

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