☆ about the blog/ger ☾

Sahira Z. (she/her)
1989. singapore.
infp, type 8, gryffindor, aries.

also @sahirawr everywhere else

What’s this about?

Passionate – that’s what I like to pretend to describe myself as. But in reality, it manifests as me struggling with not having a middle ground. I am either obsessively in love or completely disinterested. I either get 3 hours of sleep or 10 hours. I throw myself into a project or throw it aside.

So as you can imagine, I have many Strong Opinions™ on things, especially those close to my heart. That’s not to say that I can’t change my mind – on the contrary, I do seek other perspectives to try and understand better – but I just have so many feelings that sometimes I’m vibrating with the need to yell about them.

sahirawrites is an outlet for this, to be unabashedly enthusiastic about my favourite things (I’m a veteran fan girl, after all), and perhaps share my Thoughts about other matters that are important to me. 고마워, thanks for indulging me!

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